Linda Urselmans

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> Who I am

I have completed my PhD at the Department of Government, University of Essex, UK in 2018. My research focuses on Agent-Based Modelling in the Social Sciences.
My thesis is titled: 'Social complexity: agent based models of complex systems in political science'

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> Research

My current project involves modelling responses to migration. I am interested in the interaction between migrants and the citizens of the host countries. Building on my previous paper, I am investigating whether positive or negative feedback loops can cause levels of acceptance or rejection of migrants to change. The model builds on theories of social contact and conflict. Especially in the wake of changing sentiments towards migrants in Europe, I plan to validate the model against empirical data.

In general, my research focuses on complex adaptive systems (such as social systems) with autonomous agents. I use Agent-based modelling to approach social questions, but not just in Political Science; I'm currently collaborating on a project involving Chimpanzee grooming and how to incorporate field work data in an Agent-Based model.

> Publications & Working papers

"A Schelling Model with Adaptive Tolerance" (2018) with Steve Phelps [PLos ONE][LINK]

"Combining ethnic segregation and migration: A Schelling model with immigration dynamics" in Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents(ALIA): Second International Symposium, Aston, UK. Springer, 2016.[PDF]
Springer series: Communications in Computer and Information Science

“Emergence of pluralistic ignorance of social norms: An agent based model” (2016)[PDF]

The implementation of my immigration algorithm can be watched on my YouTube Channel. Click the video below to start. The model is written in Java.

Click here for more videos.

> Teaching

I have been teaching classes since 2014 in Political Science. Classes include:

  • GV711 Career Portfolio supervision 16/17; 15/16
  • GV254 Ethics and Public Policy 16/17
  • GV110 Scientific Reasoning for the Social Sciences 14/15; 15/16
  • GV271 The European Union: Institutions and Policies 14/15
(Access my university profile here.)

> Contact

If you would like to get in contact with me, please feel free to send me an email here.